sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

look here
i will shut you out of my life
because you don't have time for me

lookee here
i'm afraid of you
if i hand you flowers, will you witht he other hand chain my wrists?

it's like. i hate you. but you're my mother, and i also have this innate need to be near you.

what does it take?

i really upset my mom today


Wednesday, November 13, 2013


what not a sign time and in chimes
wat frog you got der?
what a little froggy.
it is cold and lonely there.
dark and i don't want to go home.

but inside my pockets
a picket line
of white south africa
laughing on the bed
in HIS room
cause we are all male
made is HIS image

jesus was an anarchist
mega churches make me tighten my abdomen in fear
i like basements & wine

no one really knows how to believe that maybe just maybe
there is something
and maybe you won't ever get it
but there is goodness
and well-intentioned words and syllables

can't always get thrown away

Im in love.
i can feel it.

nothing can harm me.

im  golden fairy.

i fly and im dirty.

it;s okay a little birdie told me

one of these days
rain away yer eyes out

i love you so much
i dont even know you

we all have issues
like running rolling toilet paper

maybe it was just a misunderstanding
your war that finger on my nose
im not just a wizard.

im not just sad.

i'm an angel.

i'm not just angry,
i'm not just crass.
this blood is mine ya know

i'm a golden fairy
ya kno

poem from 2008

if hard and soft are both concrete
i would rather be between
that there perhaps, elastic uncertainty
a mushy mixture
chaotic rest
of the non-exist
i love it
me, us, ours, mine
three, four, four, five
sufferring aching pride
choice upon choice upons sands of choice
moist     carefull    full    let --
All surround
My self
my selfish, self-nurtured ego--
shell, unbounded hell
hell, caked below waves
bouncing jelly paves of ways
orificing out & through
between me and you and he and me and you