sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Friday, April 25, 2014

space aged

this space agey new bullshit themed lifestyle
minus the bullshit
new age are just really vague words
what they actually refer to are
new feelings
that came from older traditions
wrapped in bougie suburban heebee geebee


what they really are
is the freedom to create your own religion not based in a singular practice or religion

what the fuck is wrong with that?

new age music
is a theme
 and yes the music sucks

but the words : new.

are really not "new age"y at all.

they are kinda nice words

i look past culture sometimes.

jesus was an anarchist.


this poem these poems this lines these lines
sweat centuries of word-age dribble
the fallen asleep cat on the lap
in ecstasy drules

now we can form lang wage without the sin or death
of grabbing fingers

lines and cut throat style
and traditions we cannot ever escape

we are free in the way the caged bird is free
the one who sings
you remember?
you see these loosa acce;lerated assoications offer drem time beneath the word-lines


don't ,matter.
 when meaning which was once flat
is even flatter

it doth not matter
to be understood

maybe it's just cool to sound good

the pattern smy breain follows ans wallows like robbons of blood organs that feed me
I want to eat
with adoration to the me
inside the me
inside the me inside the me

a fractal.

i spy a robot with a ribbon.

i spy a space ship.

i spy no one looking

face world is in the background.
phone cannot ring.

no one is around

new alone the real thing

now.... another...


who to cuddle with:

who to cuddle with
my room is so dirty
mountain of hope
i grow more open
filling entirre spaces with this smile
and with this smile i hug each and every blood absorbed mouth

andrew wk night
zombie themed party

i have this heart that sings
deeply woven string

for who?
for who?
for who?

because once in my bed/dirt
we will see our fate/face

it will be a mess.

but i will be patient

non e the  le ss

Monday, April 14, 2014

trigger warnings

I CANNOT watch the news
i do all my work at night
the moon light offers perfect shading

all this work in spite with
eyes blinded ears muffled and screams once incited
in blankets of security
blankets from'd of stars

fuck yer television.

the lens shines on the
do what thou wilt
and not the
reality absolute truth 24/7

i don't want to know
i got all the protection i need

with this blood shield
and the turning away

enough gray skies

to know

a hope can breathe

Saturday, April 5, 2014

medicinal poetry


long peper (pippali)
black pepper

circulation medicine candy balls

raw honey

equal parts

that's a poem.