sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Sunday, November 30, 2014

world whirl

hello world world world world hole world whole
hello backwards bent open faced face
hello organs spilling out onto the floor
hello bent inside inward grin chocolate table hands
chocolate hands that fall flat on the table
the way we fall flat on our face
and dream about falling
and dream about rising to the top to fall down and back again

the series the series the series the series the series of conclusions
the series of stairs
the series of panels to hide between
the folds of our skin
tie together ribbons that abcess
from within our bellies

cry and hope I can make it
I can survive a few more hours
in this petri dish

does survival make it easier to remove the habits
of fear and repression
or does it just submit them to the body?

I am afraid to say no. to say what I feel to say. I am not.
I am not coming.
I am not here.
I don't wanna,

I don't know.
I cant be this or that.
I am afraid to breathe.

please a few words someone must be able to help