sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Friday, April 22, 2011

entered the room with a solid state hard drive.

I only read words, I do not read the connections and relations between words, because I can draw them out of the ether. Every word, every phrase has an infinite infancy of meanings. The relation between our morphemes are not concrete, in fact they fluctuate quite rapidly.

I am experiencing a Hemmingway morning. I read the Sun Also Rises once, and I made it into a banner, and T-Shirt with "THE SUN ALSO RISES.. AGAIN", I always come up with the best slogans.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

excited for being dreamy

I dreamed about HIM again. It is not you, you were every part of every one of my past lovers. I remember the body parts matching up: first you had the same penis, then the same legs and arms, the nose was different, but the texture of your skin was the same. But this dream had a name on a platter like the head of john the baptist, with mouth open and medusa like snakes coming out, whispering, I AM THE VOICE OF ONE CRYING OUT IN THE WILDERNESS.

Pull head down and close the eyes, think about the times past with smiles, and eyes, no lies.

In the deepest part of my heart, and including the parts that squeeal with the pain of a memory that wasn't mine, I find at times a tenderness. In the thought that someone even imaginary might complement me on some cosmic scale, adding up to 360 degrees, and counting.

When gravity attracts me to another a'spiraling I hope I notice them a'spinning their weave web and woven bread. Find me, and place the food in my mouth.

I must stop talking to hear. And fill my face with food.
And find cool places to put my hands in the dirt.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ja'la walked o'er towards the county line. They did field a find of lines and mines. Where there were fields, and grass as high as life, on life. So they crossed and entered finding time. Time and space had fallen here. Now their armors disappeared, and left revealed, a set of spheres bent on free will. Will'd themselves into a grind, will'd themselves to set a path, will'd themselves to reach the grassy knoll of inter-dimensional abyssmal hole. And after set their spheres on ground to orb and lay absorbing found. For order obey and destroy a sound. For morbid obesity laid the shroud, heavy loud, bending fat, opening to gapes of "wow" and alll that.

How stayed and true their followers dew. How laid and brew the chyme & the stew.

At once approached, her hands on his throat, his hands on her goat head, his hands on her rabbit legs, the fur up a'curling in air, distraught only by the feathers on the bridge of her brow, covering up the I-Thou-Eye-Thou.

Looked, and entwined, in the mirror, above. Saw what was two had now become one. Touched all their hands and the spaces between--- had congealed and betwitcthed as one solid be-in'.
"What you doin' here?"
been. spin.
bean. sprout.

As vines do, Ja'la grew, as one being two.