sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Monday, June 27, 2011

okay okay all right all right

best before yesterday told girl who identifies herself as a girl said felt 30 minutes later was ape shit.
saviour of eyes. tree of desire. reemed boned ridges up all against the texture.

I've seen a young girl grow old like a withering tree under the influence of suppressive pressure. POP SHIT. post modern swings dance lgihtly all over the floor covering underneath which arise skins

this time stops
it spins and lets you out disbobbled
the things you have seen, the things you see, the things you open your eyes to
long distance form from point just here now
but you
are a scientist
say goodbye to
say hello to
identify & conquer!
i you was she he were with them they loud
fucking pet fuxkin hospital

And in those bad moments in your head, in your bed, slide your fingers up your leg, up to your chest, and hold your own heart the way you like. I like to cradle mine and tell her-him-we that even though life is really scary and daunting, hurtful, crazy, beligerent, confusing, and oh... well. It's okay. It will get better. Because here I am now holding you, and I for one, the only important one, love you, whatever you are, unidentified thing, a living creature, all glowy surges

and your back may be letting itself be too straight, too distraught, like right now, I am very straight, and I do so by hardening the muscles, especially in my back.
But i can't take it off like a jacket.
I can't shake it off like a cough in the middle of the night, as I try to sleep next to mold.
it's on. a long standing chronic disease. and i talk negative shit, it doesn't shake off, it doesn't rub off. I whisper or try to whisper like borges, and whisps of soil, not silk.


She he him her jumped out her him their skirt seated ness, and yelled, "And I am not a self, but I do believe in hell. It's the allusion of selves. It's the illusion of s'elf, It's the absolution of self!"






on me

job sequencer begins
job sequencer stops

all film was lost
in the great fires
of sandstorm number 3
beckonning winds to burn ether

and the sun exploded like a good friend, my friend

Friday, June 24, 2011

Okay so today I am incredibly negative. Negative to the positive, just flip it over to the Negative. Can't get over get it over get over it it get it over with it, get over it, Over to it. Over.

Catch the 11:30 bus, scrape once heel turned up turn it turn before fall slip.n. o
heeeeels. Just wait. Oh tall boots of shiny shony. Paste your hair.

let it layers
im afraid
john was caving in

can butt scream at ya and surge
so angry
hate worlds like trees
desire death to skins on onions and sharply dressed persons talls with clickity heels walking past my bedroom floor is a floor is a floor has no door. No looksies. Onlyrubsies. Fallen ankles and angels. I measure up to no one. Made purdy. Wrapped woods grains fall into oatmeal, and taste so good.

Measure up. no never I never eat breakfast. It falls in my lap. Shake patterns and make snadwiches. I haven't ever realized or been able to feel without immeaurable truth how unbeleievable ...

LIck a stick
bang your own mouth
smudge a pitty pit

spend time seeking revenge when bored

love and loose showers

i am pretendiNG to be richer than I am


unknowable creature you who hide under skin i bleed out every day to fill up I use gasoline right into my veins. it's not unusual to stick a pin in my arm . quite often that is how I've found love, the drug.
[heart held out a drug called love] love your mother lover her good. Shove her under. It's no good. Above another. Above a friend. Tie the rubber tires to eahc end, a bend, a burnt rubber, melt, into oH so toxic brain and toxic heart. So hard, so hardened. It can never fall apart.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

what is this grit?

if i love does it grow like a vine? upwards? wrapping? scraping? does it have thorns? does it scratch my neck as it climbs up to high heaven? i remember being a plum. plum forgot.

now the water bubble, trembles. out-pours like gloop, round and thickened as it drips, bubbles in bubbles out bubbles, and oozing soft and squishy lens. you watch as it ebbs the globulus forms to where the light bounces off into your eyes.
Ay. This is the nature of the things that drip, from your nose, snot, and cough, from your heart, blood, from your toes, fungus, and from your mouth, froth. babies .... or rabies .....