sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

jail break sally

jail break sally
rise to her performance
off the moonrise sunlight
ache to become bread
eat one piece in the hand of a king
jail break sally
no one got a thing on her
she is beautiful like a rainbow lacking metaphor
she pours from the spoon of honey
is the alfalfa queen of the field
is my hole in the heart in one
jail break sally on her death bed
well she's been dead since was born
so on her life bed in which she was forever dying
she managed to swarm a few words from her lips
they rattled off the vent at the bottom of her
hard. wood floors
and into my mouth scream
gulp gulp gulp
baby vegan ice cream
lickin that grit off the city streets
well it said//
harbor my hopes in the roots of yer fingertips
never let go of the essence of yer childhood
sing to the wind
when no one is lookin
if you break some bones
just bring them home
if you break some hearts
just put back yer own heart's part//

I'm really sick sally said I to her on that day
the one she died on.

the birth canal was a slow and narrow dream
jail break sally came from the ethereal never forwards

im sick my chest aches with pain
and in spite of the air not being able to fit in my lungs
jail break sally gave me a kiss
and I blew her a kiss
and we both died together
our lungs flattened on a rope swing together
washed by the sunlight
and now we are one lung with two wings
and that's how I keep singing

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

lost as voice
not as loud a brick
as a clump of dust
as a scene depicted in a book
you can hold in your hand one or two fingers up
they brush through your hair as you turn the pages
as you press the buttons or curve your ear towards the sound
of the television which is made louder by repetition

take a lesson from repetition if you want to scream

there is more power in the undercurrent of a dope beat
than a hundred drums

there can be one voice even that sounds louder in the wind
because the wind is an amplifier for destiny

coarsing my fingers on the fences, and railings of industrial setting
texture of drops- flops stabs pounds knuckles ribbed nature

why inside is so calm when outside rumbles with passages

how to make sound travel through our feet
oh but it does when you stop to listen
but not stop walking
walking is like heaven if you can close your eyes and hold someone's hand even better

i wish i was blind enough to see it

he builds me a synthesizer shaped out of my dreams
opalescent vulture-saur
wild white canine with deep blue eyes the shade of the unborn river that runs through me
dark red rivers

oh how a single cat hair can get into my eyes