sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

naked mondays

Human is me I am human. Unleash the human. I am hairy human hear me ROAR. I am confused skinned and bloodied human. I am design. I am form. this is this is is what was. random bullshit. Moxied and mixing.
there is dark and light. i feel dark today. some other me must feel light.
felt feather
feel better?

mixed messages and mixed massages.

i looked into your eyes and felt a surge of exectrical cosmic birth. somehting like it feels when one falls in love.
but your eyes, were averted, and i wonder, in my human form? is it really just all attachment?

Saturday, September 25, 2010


for some reason I decided a few years ago not to be bothered by most bodily function, mine or yours.

ive become somewhat obsessed with my lower intestine recently. the question is, after you've gained complete control over your organs, how much control do you exert?

it is known that when pooping, shitting some call it, you can lose your natural pushing response by habitually pushing too hard. this happened to me. and then I found, I could reverse the crazy 'stuck in your belly' effects by just Letting Go. Now.
I have a choice. When to push? When to just let it drop? It's all so new to me.

And.... this is why no one will ever think I'm beautiful forever (unless they're obsessive).

BUT it also seems the less I worry about how much excrement is inside my belly, the more comes out. Surely you've already grasped this life metaphor it's the ONLY one. You know the one about how when you hold onto a bird too hard you kill it, but if you let it fly away, you know, it'll fly away, and Maybe come back.

I hope that bird flys away forever. But Also, that my poop doesn't re-input any old toxins. Like old boyfriends who really should have gotten the fuck away from me by now. But, kittens. Do bring the family together. Ug .

This morning. My mother brought me coffee and cake in tiny pretty plates.
This morning. My mother brought me coffee and cake in tiny blue and yellow plates.
This morning. My mother.
After exiting her womb. I looked over. Across my left shoulder.
I looked over. The base of my chin caressed over. Point to pin bone.
Wearing white lingerie. Wearing white linens. White stuck to my skin. Peeled off white slightly synthetic material I can feel stickky-ness. It's hot and still summer here.
After exiting her womb I saw a sign, said, Come Back Soon!
Escaping doom I knocked it over with my LEFT foot and my LEFT hair.
Covering. My stomach where I dread the dredges do drop their shit.

Friday, September 24, 2010

There upon a mounted hill lay here hair all dizzied and a'spilling out into the ridges like carbon nanotubes of inbetween spaces which allowed for occassional mis-savings. But off in the distance some tried and "true" rythm hummed against the clouds. Made her and here with her hair feel weirded out. How do I explain? She lifted up her upper ody up letting the frayed edges of her strands dripple the ground and ripple the sound. Flew out over and abode. Now, weirdness gone, makes a metal slapping sound in your heart. What was gone? What had come? Was I even here? Feet pick up feet pick up feet pick up slowly and no one is heard. Not a pee pea pod slope slippily lying. SO I can turn my head and call you out on divining. But hopefully, when the girl hair draping ever so nicely on the groped grass returns to lay her heavy head and make rest, one single spark of goodness will make it so that the devil curly haired brown manipulative lady who steals goodness from hearts and changes the consensus to being okay with hurting everyone in the world to the point that they don't mind us MANGLING THEIR BONES TO HEAVEN will be gone.

never wanted to hurt someone so bad and how does it change when all day all sun shiny joy unspoken and without quality comes to you yearning to be now now nownow now meoww.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


lookee here. I just made a website :


In other news, I have little money, lost my wallet, am returning home to a roommate I am apprehensive about seeing again but with whom I feel I have great confidence in.

Um.... Not much else to say except for um..... the above mentioned website......