sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Saturday, January 17, 2015

that is all

it should be enough to grab lines of coke on a rope hanging from the sky

you shouldn't hurt me
you shouldn't leave me

you've left me
you've left your body

you've left your eyes
I don't see you.

there is no joy but from my own motor

I don't understand your eyes and your sky-grab birthday bag surprise mystery destiny

all I know is my heart is like a clogged motor from all the bullshit from people I love

you don't know me you cant hurt me

as far I am concerned
my eyes as olives

slowly breathing concrete

square shaped roots of a tree

some place to squirm

I feel these feels

none of it is me

no love is me
I am already love and do not have to feel it.

my chest hurts

I am sitting up straight

I am making a sphere

I am protecting myself

there is a sphere around me

I am protecting myself

there is an apple around me

I am protecting myself

I am not hungry

I am no ghost

you wandering wanderless waif

leave me all alone

i'm tired of seeing people abuse other people under the guise of love
and the only way to stop it is to stop it, to stop it myself
and let go of any hopes soiled with baby shit.

from the dumpstered diapers you invisibly wear underneath your material criticisms
and lack of care

it feels like day-walking humans are hunting me down and trying to destroy me so I can't spread love

and it's with control
and it's with accepting control
and it's with one hand behind your back
and the other hand is handing your neighbor a cup of sugar

it's with your words and your body

and the dead eyes you try to fill with life

that is all.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

sisssy is apparently snoring sissy is a parent

what is a parent

what is apparent
what is apparent
what is apparent

what pains on a parent
what pulls on apparent eyes which must be clothed wool and sheep's cries

boy who called boy
who called
who called
who cried
who pulled wool
over her boy eyes

what is appalling
what is appalling
what is screaming

what is rolling down a soft and grassy hillside
a head ahead of the race

a blanket wrapping the body out of a bush
a race
to get to the top
to roll down
a head ahead of all the rest

what is a parent

a parent is some one thing river wrinkles lines sand
some two three four five ten fingers
that provides love & protection to a child

a child is a tiny god
who knows more in every breath than any apparent bone-eyed hope

a child is a flower whose aroma is so sweet
old people try to steal its stamen
to go fishing with such a nice lure

what is apparent
what is apparent
what is apparent