sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Saturday, December 20, 2014

potency pocket

dear one dear one dear one two four five
the pour of fingers even removed from my mouth beside your hip bones
stammers to speak but reveals tender tendency to squeak

I hope I wish I dream of staring down into a long corridor in which we are loved by our breath and breath alone

the way I shake sometimes scares me to tears the way I wish to raise my fist and drop my jaw to break my heart and put myself into a corner

and when steam rises and I fail to rise with it, and let the calm settle in
well oh well oh well
how swell to be swollen and let the cold wind wind push tears out until we are dry

how lovely to be dried upon the bike ride through cold streets
and thusly cleansed

and also by your fingers that seem so old

I hold them to my heart when I choose not to hit myself

cage spins endlessly and shake returned incessantly
still eyes roll back in head to re-mind
that stillness lies
in bed
under the moon
next to your head

blue blessed
of soft grin
of tender chin
of tendrils that crawl out of my green mouth
children that fall when the tantrum drums out its final beat
feet collapse to sink into your shins

thanking the air of the gods
your breath
my breath
this fear
diminishes slowly
like a kettle left to cool after boiling
the heat cannot last forever
on these cold nights I remember.

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