sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Saturday, April 18, 2015

no way

new moon free write

jesus the cat antique store opened yesterday for a few brief yellow moments yellow curtain. yellow starshine.
a delivery dose of yellow patience and dance machinery upon the tune to i dont know dont care

my mind a sliver of violet flame
and lavender rose quartz

we have in corner number one, all the mistakes youve ever held
a bird too tight in your hands

and in the corner to your left, a problem of sight

held in palm to the sun
the only move you need

a simple triangle

two fingers two thumbs

dear one know that i see that you are suffering and
i am here for you

so far away

a finger turned in the squishy jam of the center of your chest

that bone i press my lips up to
when you are asleep

so far away

a point in the furthest pocket

in the middle of my chest

which is marked
by the inverse distance to your heart
and i love you


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