sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

onwards alley-way shift to the side
comatose peg-leg man, woman, child, step to the third right behind the others
the food lays on the floor and it's upside and i don't care i'm right here i'm sitting down i'm wrapped around some small animal maybe even my own soul.
comatose afternoon banana
comatose after dinner mint

and we're right here we got a banana we're doing things we're moving forward we're living it up

what did i learn in those years of wastelessness
hovering in the trees

an imagine-pattern turning like the waves in a river
reflecting it's pattern bounce bounce bounce
i dip my single finger in circles bounce bounce

sure sure sure sure sure.
cesure cesure cesure
happenstance brings two robots together on a street corner minding their own business on a street corner at a bus stop
looking neck dipping too low into a journal, big enough for my face.

and we're right here we're doin' it we're movin' forward we're livin' it up
i'm sitting up i can eat my own food

"i sit up. i want to eat the sun. i am going to fly. i am going to fly to eat the sun. i will try to eat it with my big powerful mouth. it will taste good sunshine cream."

"heavens to Betsy! well we may try to come with you then. To make sure you're alright."

"nonsense outta my way."

"i didn't care anyhow not as much as I thought, i must sit down. lay on the floor. everything will be alright."

[they face one another and go about their separate tasks facing one another rather closely. just going about their business.]

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