sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

14 minute free write

Oh heavens.
the stars are my eyes widened and cracked,beyond knobby knee'ed boy who pokes holes into our ceiling screen
(weknow behind it there are people wacthing, our future past selves, the size of cells, the size of our screen eyes)

screen eyes scream eyes protruding eyes
windowless fingers to the salvage yard

better have a back up plan when you lose your spot, how you gonna give away all the stuff you got
only a slight imbalance leadens the weight of our material items
a persian rug gets as heavy as a piano, and it's such a slave to sling, that little piece of gold bought you something heavy something sticky, some little burden you can't keep in your pocket.

oh all the fantasies human bear on their membranes then wonder why they can't sleep when they've fried themselves with wonder and worries.

who do i love?
how do they love me?

is it real?
will they ever allow themselves to bleed?
with a blood thinner it could be easier.

a lot of talk. and a lot of disintegration
can we hold it together we imagine it's stronger than a bubble.

stronger than your tongue on ice

a warmer summer so we can stay swimming till dawn
a warmer distant mountain

a father's smile.

we hope our worries are in vain,i mean i do.
when at the end of the day I take my armour off, i take my amor, off. i take my face off and i breath in hackmy chest up so it fills withlight
and all the marbles i removed but still carry around in my backpack often will tumble out and fall like crinkling rose petals from it. and it will take all night and day's work to gather them again, for tomorrow.

well, goodbye tomorrow.
i hope you die in a way. so i don't have to bear this circular movement of earth, we can only move one square inward at a time, and one square outward. the spiral is slow.
and the sun is hot today. my feet are tired,so I wore sneakers.
but my shoulders which carry the weight of the sun. transfigure my face.
and i'm in love again with my life,simply because im inside of it.
like hey there's me
im in that little embryonic sac
hey there's me, just hanging down.

i come from the sky.
i'm trying to be made of love.
and my fingers get dirt in them easily when i walk with my family it's like walking through trenches of public suffering, then I hope one can recognize my ocean of patience.

maybe he really does love me like i think he does
and when he things too much he gets stuck, i do too
well. open palm until i figure it out.
so much love

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