sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Saturday, July 3, 2010

please mother dont murder my children

Please Mother dont murder my children
[the underling things that crawl in the day on ym face]
Please mother dont tie my hands behind my back and then say, AHA! I KNEW IT!
[liek they all do when they engorge their lips with my lipase]
i need help
i need help
i am helped and so i need it but what what what but what what what do i do

..... this mentions me here
keep having crushes on boys who are taken, and me, a lady already taken (albeit by some ghost no doubt) keeps feeling like some circulating joke.

flock foil

damn straight alien lady.

big eyes and crooked teeth is all ive been thinking about since the 7th grade
so there, there is my complex, i wanna know...... I WANNA KNOW when some shrink will see me? please see me said i and do whatever you have to do to understand that I DPNT KNOPW where the crayon went when it got superliminally shoved up my nose and INTO my brain.

big eyes. and crooked teeth. disease. big eyes and crooked teeth dis-EASE. big-ease. dis-easer.

the... i cant open my mouth complex. the... i can t look people in the eye complex. THE
icanttalktomyfatherevenifiwantedtobuthesstill alive

BREeaking on banking on laying by the bay on the sand with my hands alongside of my swimsuit (torso) and i scraped the edges of the creases of the wrinkles on myknucles an di love how long my hair tarried but i still cant seem to raise my eyelids past half a centimeter and sometimes thats enopugh to see the light thats coming off the sun but at the right sunset it can feel like youre pretty fucking blind....

i know
i turned away
what the fuck

why does a girl want what she cant have and has to learn to not want what she dopes.... does...

today i had a crush on an engaged man! and didnt know! today i realized i suck at telling how people are!

and theres the hole in my wall and the worried thoughts saying choo choo choo choo down the tube wire heart thaw

layer it

layeR IT

i can cause cake damage

i heart you toe squeeze

allowance after allowance all of it

makey lady pee plants

spoken not shared

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