sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Friday, September 24, 2010

There upon a mounted hill lay here hair all dizzied and a'spilling out into the ridges like carbon nanotubes of inbetween spaces which allowed for occassional mis-savings. But off in the distance some tried and "true" rythm hummed against the clouds. Made her and here with her hair feel weirded out. How do I explain? She lifted up her upper ody up letting the frayed edges of her strands dripple the ground and ripple the sound. Flew out over and abode. Now, weirdness gone, makes a metal slapping sound in your heart. What was gone? What had come? Was I even here? Feet pick up feet pick up feet pick up slowly and no one is heard. Not a pee pea pod slope slippily lying. SO I can turn my head and call you out on divining. But hopefully, when the girl hair draping ever so nicely on the groped grass returns to lay her heavy head and make rest, one single spark of goodness will make it so that the devil curly haired brown manipulative lady who steals goodness from hearts and changes the consensus to being okay with hurting everyone in the world to the point that they don't mind us MANGLING THEIR BONES TO HEAVEN will be gone.

never wanted to hurt someone so bad and how does it change when all day all sun shiny joy unspoken and without quality comes to you yearning to be now now nownow now meoww.

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