sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


okay so last night i had string of lucid dreams
in most of my lucid dreams my astral body cant leave my corporal body because i am too scared
basically these dreams are in real time, i am consciously aware i am dreaming after i filter through a bunch of thoughts that quickly lead into dreaming before i can be fully asleep
my first thoughts in these dreams are "oh man this again?"

i was sleeping next to pearson and we had all these crazy telepathic interchanges

the first time was him walking through thee electrical wires that were like criss-crossing about 2 feet above the ground everywhere and mumbling to himself. and the words: bumbling blindly over boundaries trying to find his way, and getting confused. At which point i woke him up and told him i thought it had to do with his handling of his 2 pseudo-relationships with me and another girl.

the dream where i awoke int he dream and again talking to pearson (Ps pearson's words's are really far away and hard to understand at all times) but basically we were taking and a crazy energetic electrical BUZZINg golden ball of light/sparking electricity came hovering (from pearson) behind my head between his head and mine. I was scared of this ball, but instead of waking up myself right away i let it be, and just stayed there and protected myself by using the technique that the self-hypnotist lady taught me in Toronto: putting a blue glass bell over all of me and it is one that only lets good in and not bad, whatever bad could possibly be.
Yeah so that worked but it still freaked me out that the ball was still there and i could still feel the buzzing and it was slowly growing bigger and felt warm and fuzzy but not in a good way
yeah so i woke up and told pearson and felt like the ball might have come from him

last dream:
don't remember what the message was or what pearson was saying but yet again we were talking. and i woke up pretty quickly now. the interesting part was that after i woke up i remembered that the message was a "lightening stick" made of wood that was electrically charged being dipped into the very center of a scared bowl (like a singing bowl) made of ceramics, with squares (with symbols) etched in the sides (maybe golden rectangles?) and inside was circles like a target. the stick was sticking in the center circle . there was also imagery of the stick going in my ear

all these dreams spurred conversation with pearson about him being more honest with me and his other girl and encouraged me being more open with him and clear of heart and i hope at the right times i can share this feeling of being totally open and honest with the people who matter the most to me and in time i will be

right now i am not confused and feel like everything is so totally fine but i really want to share my life with the people around me in whatever way and have them be okay with who i am right now.

i met my essence twin his name is milo
i think he is my essence twin
a reflection of me but in a different version

i love everybody and i switched on the non-monogamous switch that i switched off when I was in 7th grade and chose Suzy over Sazzy.
the major part of this dream was that

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