sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"do you have cards?"

"stretch the ribbon slapp me"

"do you have cards"

"one half way ribbon rides under side belly screams shouts"

In patience, windows dressing up to go to work. We are one half minute late, we will make up that one half minute by running down the street to the bus stop.

It was just like the story she told, Olguita, she brought it out in the open that smell you give off that tells recently let out patients that you are wounded.

In the sunlight while we wait for the bus to come, the air is dried up, and happiness is pushed out of the spongy manner with which we stand on the corner. When the bus comes we sit down and men look at us to sit next to our seat.

But today is a pretty funny day. Underneath my palms, as of last night's singing ceremoney we squeezed juice out of the last eye ball.
Underneath the seat, any man who sits down will get punctured. will get rimmed.

"do you have cards?"

"are you asleep?"

duction duction
in duction duction
re pro
duction duction
in die gestion gestion
suggestion gestion

2 hands 2 fingers on my tongue to the wind
two th two two fine strands of hair
find these lines
strands of hair
the finer the line the finer the find

mean lady
eats your third eye father's asshole

(in progress)

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