sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

mr. cat

(words let out from the tired little girl part of some hearts right before their heart got better/bigger again aka ode to robengle/or whoever recently cut me out of their life abruptly aka)

mr. cat


if itnvrr
to me before i started this living

what love means
please delivereeeeeeeeeeee
obsession telling the truth but tells it slant

laying in bed (mother)
the most terrible outcome (money)
losing everything (your shit)

to a child (me)

love means lying about girls
binoculars for bird watching
an open field of wild flowers in spring
happiness in front of denial to YOURSELF
thin lacy hidden modest under pants

to a child's love she hoopes what happens when he/she goes to outerspace
the smells of waiting for pizza and Captain America sweat are more the memory

love is obsessively grinding eyeballs
love is realization you are not alone is longing for something you never really wanted

love yells and criticizes
blindly love hides and makes secrets and hides
wears too much make up
is never around
is alone is not around when you talk
is balnk stare into no one where

what love means
turning your back to this miseducation
when one wants to die (one knotted expectation)
and it tugs and pulls you down your skirt screamingMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA

b u t i don't know what love is.

'he stares and with his eyes
catches birds make them pray'

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