sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

death to the um

death to all this waiting / this disintegrating / i'm trying my escape plan on the back doors stairs/ death to this patience the alleviation of degradation/i'm faDING worn like an old shoe / now trying to keep from turning blue / i'm looking at you / and faking at you / and making noises at you / and breathing dust pwder from grieve-city / for you / alone in my basment / cold hearted, bathing / bleeding this death out and this patent mountain / frowning and the death rises like a poison fountain / cloud  cloud mad mad cloud red bad grey WIND.
housed in the cell CELL CELL CELL hell worth of a self hOLE. wayward of the middle beginning this inning out AT BATT YOUR ass on the dance floor in the flames till death do you Part in all your ways / and decay / to DEcline /the time / to find / and any line is a ladder / i'm so tired of getting fatter // sitting on my ass and getting madder / eating cheesy slander out of the packaging I die this death to this mound under / pancake batter boxes and popcorn dreams.. / / pancake butter boxes and rancid chemicals... to be THIS GOOD AT DEPRESSION// musstinmg around all beautiful till the bode ya wear is all beautiful; till the bud you grow is all beautiful till the breath that bursts is un-bleed-able / unbelievable this dream I wait for/ in my cellar cold / waiting for my prince to come / as death to death to death enters on / dissipates and I call it allergies / these malladies instuct my skelatol adversity / please/ honey

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