sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


i figured so much out today, i kept trying and didn't give up, and I am so happy i didn't.

some things I figured out are that I don't need to feel guilty or that I am being judgmental for noticing things i do not like in others. it's okay for me to be me and them to be them.
this really loosens things up. and allows me to be friends with potential lovers who i do not want to be romantically involved with.

1. paper letters to passt lovers saying what hurt me
2. praying ALL THE TIME in the most positive manner, what i truly want

So yeah, Confidence. Is so majorly important.

Also i mean my first real person i know in life (other than my elderly grandmother) DIED just 7 months ago, not even, and he was this major figure in my life from age 18 until age 21, I deserve time to freak out over our relationship/my relationships thereafter. I deserve time to mourn. He deserves patience and understanding.

Remember beneath the layers of any monster is the pure pump of a beating love..

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