sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Sunday, January 29, 2012

and big eye'd drew 'er chin up, face towards the stars. dark genesis squisht tween little lit-uppers. and big eye'd, a looker-upper list all the things 'e saw. 'e saw a blind child sitting, spread into nodes, knotted through the sky blanket.

as we stare up into the sky i think we might be looking through a covering sky darkness made of space fabric continually weaving and unraveling.  and holes from this blind child's nobby parts sticking into the spaces inbetween the weaving, created through the poking. and light comes out,      and shines on us. as we stare into the sky, we see the light reflecting on everything reflect back up through the holes and what we see is the light bouncing back and bounce back and bounce back light, over and over. as we stare up into the sky we stare back down at ourselves, staring back up at the sky, and the light moves. and this moving.. and mixed with there and here, creates what we see. i think i think.

dark genesis eyeballs stick out 'er big eyes at a passing vehicle, sighing, but actually stops. gets out. fades to black.
fades to white. fades to black with some spots. fades to white with some spots moving.

light genesis creeps in. the small blind child grows. the blanket eventually grafts to 'er skin. and we are part of the sky. and we become the blind. and small-eye'd, but with many big-eyes now a'part of us. and this apart of us and this uh apart of us, so we may feel apart.

but i think i think lines are just arrows and bridges. membranes of transport. sight upon sight. reverberating space. residual grease.

then what is disconnection? poking your eyes out for completing the oroboros? when sight is now a lost part of the equation.... we are  nothing and empty  ? as i empty
i place myself to death
on the ground i kneel to kiss my forehead
and rise to walk the earth like death

to walk the world blind, having put aside your eyes, and some still with theirs,

to shock stare like big-eye'd into the stars. to draw sight in and out as breath.

and see what comes. and feel what comes.

these hands learn then to be feet.

when my hands work like feet i will feel real.

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