sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Monday, July 2, 2012

hello. good morning. i love you.

hello god sun skin people trees birds cars asphalt sky moon water

it's really important we understand each other, hold our fingers together and walk towards one another fearlessly...

It's a different day a different month. The lessons of last night's talking: silence in due measure.
This blog, an interesting device, speaks. This can be my speech. I have had lessons on telepathy... Like a child, "Why can't we talk inside AND outside???" I know. What to do. Though. So i'm gonna try to go inward and speak to the center.

Did you know in the center of the world there is a fairy kingdom? Full of rainbow colors and womb-like warmth. We can always return.

We're going to the center... of the world... We're going to the center of the world. We're goin .. to the centerrrrr.... of the moon. We're goin' to the center of the moon.

Half of me is real. Half of me is a dream.

Who are you? Well, i know I can breath through the holes in my lungs.. They breathe. Made of god-skin-fabric. Breath into our self. Like a keyhole, travels the light.

I did a really interesting tarot spread last night. The 7 chakras, 2 hands, and my feet. I'm having a lot of trouble with my bottom 3 chakras, the cards validated this: Strength as Justice, Justice, then Justice as Strength. I don't know how to say this. I guess I feel kinda sorta messed up. You know, feelin' sorta kinda like the bad seed, then letting myself become the bad seed, then because of my intense connection to my body... being highly aware of what things make my body hurt, my heart, my... 2nd chakra.
But I have to remember it is not my fault. I can make changes to prevent further harm,  I can restructure myself, but I can't take away whatever happened in the past. In that naivety was sparked this trauma, and it IS my responsibility to return to  the water.. And allow myself to fullly heal through care and chastity.

One thing and only one thing at a time. I cannot drink anymore. I am being determined to not drink. I am trying out being completely free of alcohol this is day 2 of that, and day 2 of this Month.
i love you, can my name for today be, RainShadow?
i'm in an RPG! i'm in a culture! I've got a finger!

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