sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

more private thought i want to document, not for yu

the truth is i've spent a good  bit of time trying to appear more feminine, even taking herbs to help myself with that. in belief that i have hirsutism. it would be lovely to believe human beings have the capacity to see past outward appearance, but seriously, what female guru would be loved if she had a beard? except by the outcasts.
and was there really a past where frida kahlo was seen as beautiful?
i am skeptical of the capacity humans have to look beyond superficial qualities, especially sicne superfical qualities are often observed as being representative of deeper qualities.
but i ask, isn't the surface only the (imaginary) border between internal and external, and possibly wouldn't the appearance of femininity defined in society's terms be more representative of the external?
wouldn't greater femininity be representative of how much you allow the external to influence you, over generations and genetics?

truly, I question the human's ability to see past the veil of social constructs

no one passes through the needle

all lost in a hay stack

think about it.
this veil is tricky.
and tosses it's flash and flair on you

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