sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Monday, January 7, 2013

gorge on trash then keep on

dear irrepairable damage.

is it possible to proclaim

that this fragile body dies.

underneath the wait of hope

wish i could understand
these fools kidding around
when i tumble i break my bones

frozen, i don't even feel

as flying strangers through hoops
i turn my face around

revealing the revelation of past sinners' truth

that we must die a thousand deaths to recover from . oh .
from what i can't rember maybe just the time i pulled your face down and tried to put my own flesh on yer bones
and your blood was not collected in the ceremonial bowl
time collaspsed
and yelling sorry for centuries proved to only be dust
because we don't want to be with each other
and i don't want to listen to you.

garbage sadness leave me alone because i need to sculpt the body

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