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sorry bunny

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thoughts on Ugly People

There are no ugly people. I would say most people fall under the category of being perceived as normal, plain, or beautiful. There is only a small percentage of people who others view as ugly. However, all it takes is one time for someone to call you, UGLY, and for the rest of your life you will view yourself as ugly. I would assume the percentage of humanity who views them self as ugly would be much greater than who is generally viewed as being ugly.
There are no ugly people. There are no ugly flora. There are no ugly fauna.
Popular to cultural belief, I believe people as they grow older make BIG decisions so that they can be perceived as normal. Their bodies do not magically conform to some set of illusory standards, set by evolving opinions of beauty, so that "somehow" "most people" fit.

What I have observed, is that peer-perceived beauty is largely based on whether an individual has or has not any "mark" or "spot" of supposed weakness, or of assumed universal sign of ugliness, or of abnormalcy. When one does not have any "mark", their "beauty" is thereon guided by how often they delve into cultural behavior that seems normal, but most of all "beautiful. Such as, beautiful clothes, jewlary, beautiful behaviors, non-awkward social ability, etc. And when one does have such a "mark" (which can be quantified in how prevalent that mark is in the community), their "ugliness" is only overcome with cultural behavior that is seen as "normal" or beautiful. For example, A fat person is perceived as being beautiful when they have smooth hair. Or, a very short person is perceived as beautiful when they wear beautiful clothes. Or a trans-person is seen as beautiful when they maintain other socio-politico-cultura-global standards. A person with a nose a few millimeters away from where a nose "typically" is, can appear normal if they wear a tight shirt, or loose shirt, whatever's in. If you flaunt your sexuality you get BIG points, because now that someone can fuck you, they don't even need to open their eyes.

But for now, I will speak of a personal example.

We will talk about what I believe to be one of the most prominent separators of class, of people, of cultures, etc. aka Normalcy:

I say, our perceptions of beauty start at the mouth.

I have never seen a group of people have mis-matched teeth, aside from the groups I am in.
I feel like because I am confident, dress colorfully, and am generally happy, my "flaws", my "spot" of weakness, is overlooked. I get often, "I like your teeth." Well, I hate them. They do not represent me, and I resent that I have begun to understand that to my peers they do represent me.(I guess we should all be aware that how one looks should not ultimately be used to identify them, to draw identity from. Another example of this is that I identify as being multi-racial, but to others I will be "white", I identify as being christian, but to christians I will be, "an unbeliever". )...

Okay i think Im begging to lose conduct. Deep down this is all about how I want to rip my face off, and often can't look myself in the mirror. But I so want to be able to look at myself and think I conform to beauty standards. I so want to be identified as how i feel inside. And I so want everyone to be "ugly" so I can feel a part of community.

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