sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Saturday, May 21, 2011

What is it that they don't tell you? That even when you feel settled you haven't figured it out? that there is no figuring out... That when you pull on my hair and love me like that, did I want it?

Like hair through a pulling. Woken up shaking. Kept raping myself. Incredibly sensitive. Triggering. Lower the gaze.

little liar.

these are some of the harsh words spun out of gold hearted lions.

spun gold, so hair, can lay, and be pulled, through holes, with pull, and pain, so when loosened.
it rains. ruptures. ovarian blood. i imagine, it pumping off and out flowing over and never ending.
dog. hair carpets. veins pumping with blood or vomited wine,
On my face, I hold up my hands to cover the wine or blood, for you, not to see, for me, who do not want to be feared. ALl I can say is not what is going on, but what is going down. my face on the concrete, bled white from my throat king.

down with poverty. down with immobilizing confusion. down with allies.

deliberately he ignored me. deliberately my mouth was shut. screwed shut frankenstein.

neon yellow glow (this is a story now), came up shimmered and let her sparkles fall. She knew that this world was old, and she needed something new. Yellow glow entered her heart and kept it warm with the digestive fires and joys of life. She remembered how to open and believe in warm hope. To be honest in words and action. And little baby blue who was sad released from the cavities. like muccuus in the morning, when we wake, and breathe again.
are we all dead in our dream anyway well are we or arent we...

and held him tight like a baby to coo him back into his story. just a hole. do i look like a person? i certainly don't act like one. And there are certain things you can do to dehumanize yourself. Please at all costs, always say yes, do what you're told, and enable others to complete their goals, but never, never under any conditions steer straight ahead your own ship. Remain in the enclosure, as it tightens, around your hairs, encapsulating to take to the lower intestine, all aboard the magic ship, the magic blood, hey hey, the magic blood.

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