sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Thursday, June 21, 2012

dear michael,
but also
dear tarsila,
dear emma,
dear cassie,
dear kelli,
dear claire,
dear dorothy,
dear carolyn,
dear mother,
dear fadi,
dear elias,
dear dad,
dear clel mel olive,
dear son,
dear jesse,
dear whomever I am embarrassed to say the following to:

i love you from the deepest parts of my heart where i do not question
i love you gently like the wind i expect nothing
i love you with flaws and holes and hopes
i love you angry sometimes but your love helps me let go
i love you outside time and inside time,
i love you loosely,
i love you like laced strings,

in a spit of passion maybe we met each other and embarked on the always beginning
the ever forming newly
and never was , was
and never will be, be
and always just the beginning
as i whispered into your ears dear emma
i remembered it is always just the beginning

spirited wings i know sometimes it is hard to catch me
i know
we are all butterflies

a time to sit and a time to flit

dear everyone,
thank you so much for being yourself, that's all i can ask and all that recharges us together

and remember,

one day we will all sleep under a big circular blanket with all our toes touching.

[less cliche & mushy writing to follow]

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