sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Monday, June 18, 2012

probably quiet nur: 30 min. free rwite or less

probably backwards Nur acquired a part-time apartment today, lost her greene wallet walking fallen from pocket, and rearranged the entire contents of said apartment; parting, found cold old school pizza on the concrete, found: lights on at Lee's, creep around to check, and don't doubt why you know the code to get in.

[the mix'd residue stirs in the pot]

large and tall cabinets. long and wide shelves.                 stop.


Um. Mhmm. David is a man with broken teeth yellowed from cigarettes who studies Tarot and Sanskrit. I meet him at Burial Ground. He, old and traditional, but still a child, I have to push to be different. The child inside always beckons to him though. We throw down a game hen hand..

I stand up. Pick up my bag and leave suddenly. I saw something red go by down the street. I have excellent peripheral vision, I know. But it's gone already when I get to the corner. I look down the street and see nothing. My feet tremble and some of my joints vibrate. But this isn't quite how they described a sonic boom.

Furling from me I become encircled by shades of green feary light. My back bows down and my hands bless the soil. Time slows. I remember ritual embedded in flesh and fever.


Sometimes I wish time would just stop and no one knew anything 'bout no body. Cause they didn't have no body. And I'm a body... And I'm a body... I'm no body... I'm no body.                                         buddy ;P

Ye ye ye ye ye! Baby Olive screams yells laughs YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH-YEAH.

i say

YE-YA! = damn straight yeah

                                                   in a crowd at a show. lauren used to say it when she was excited.

all my closest friends are far away but all my new friends are just like me. slow. the s'pace of the united states must bend as it heads west. focusing light differently, and possibly afffects the way time travels. or the way the united states travels through time. and Oh indeed it does.
just an amalgamation of a deranged dream holding on to tooth and nail as one would their binky, blanky, self, ego, etcetera.  eh.

embark on a different foot each day
but hold onto not seeing the golden string
for the chair to your right
fell in a good place once
and a lot of hands pushed time forward
so "the sound actually goes before the plane!"
really? or behind?          BOOM.

a shake here and there. I am shaking she said crying. I picked up her small baby hands and held them and shook for her.
inside the fear police, all i can do is fear-love for now!
i yelled. whispering,
please don't police my fear. i'm trying my hardest. do i let it out?
cause it's in a cage shaking. that fear dog.
race horse. snake king kind enough to show 'er face in here again.
dark , light , it don't matter this time.
rollin kings.
fear police mentions how it is not disconnected, motioning towards the several departments it holds in the spaces around my bones . ligaments. mhmmm. mmmm. muscles smooth and striated mmmm. mmm hmmm.
damn lickin' tasty fingers
my own.

oh .

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