sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Thursday, May 23, 2013

i think there is a lot of awareness  |  to be had || that makes it obvious that alcohol is depressive.

i think wine might be okay.

especially beer.

especially when it is wet outside.


there are shiny things. like a hot glue gun.
there are puddles.
these ones here you just over.
these ones here you splash into.
but in this cold sphere.. the wetness is cooling.

blue crab. red crab.


is it worth it?

to give yourself away?

to go to the origins of your depression?


just make sure to bring sunshine.
turn toes into petals..
yellow ones.
orange ones.
soft  with the pollen that sticks to the crevices of yr fingertips
then makes the rain glow

{i am actually very scared to leave my adult home. and return to my child's self home. i am scared to be dominated over. will i be strong enough to not lose my cool the one i've gained in these here parts? ]

{motions all over body in circling spheres that move. and we feel them as neutral air}
{for them to talk so loudly into the micrphone}

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