sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

gosh darm yarn time

"Goddammit Nur. Godamn left your mouth open all night and all the dry air got in and sucked you dry."
"Dumber, dumb ass, I am yelling at you. Sister. Pick your shit ups, lets go."
"We're all older toddlers anyhow, just dancing around with some big guns... Mine's gots bubbles..."
"Fuck that shit, we're late! Hurry up!"
"Late for what? I'm still getting ready."
"Getting ready for what? You already are, here now, when you were supposed to be there then."
"My legs don't work when I can't think about them."
"No just do do do DO IT! Now."
"You're so annoying I was getting up anyway. I'm just slow."
"There's no time for being slow. Everything is passing you by. We all move so much faster than you, and we wanted you to come play with us, but now you're just sitting doing nothing. And it's not fair. It's not fair to have the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD waiting for you, just so you can take your sweet time. Nur stop being so selfish!"
"I'm just putting on my shoes, putting on my hat, putting on my face, getting ready to go in. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna drown. I'm gonna grow..."
"You can't grow."
"I have all of eternity!"
"There's no time anymore for that bullshit."
"There is no end we're just coming up on a tight curve."
"It feels so real though."
"Last time this happened that one dude had everyone believing we had to poison ourselves to make it through. You think I'm gonna do anything at all about it this time? ... I'm trying to set a good example."
"The example of taking your godamn time and not letting anyone mess with what you're doing! So go away godamnit and get away from me and never come back you fuckin' time-monger! Black hole! Heathen!"
"Jesus. Christ. Nur. What a professional asshole. I just waited a thousand years so i could come get you to go play ball, and you're putting on your socks, while I wait for you. Yelling at me."
"Yelling, at ME!"
"Yelling at ME!"
"We're yelling at each other!"
"we are each other!"
"Fuck you."

"This is what you get for never believing I was beautiful."

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