sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Monday, November 7, 2011

let's move to the future

let's move to the future and pretend time is a ribbon
looping around your fingernails at angles assisting their patterns
and i love the way you move your fingers like that

Hands used for holding things. From the future! hands used to hold sirens and lasers. Hands used to measure light. hands for making spectacles. holding sunlight traveling from the moon, remembering father lines of movement. Gay. Gaia. Ga. Gather.

One to the two to the one to the zero..... (puffed out air from a plastic bag)

lips puckered as valve closes, letting in a narrow strain of smoke.

smoke. or love. pucker patter mutter. flip angle switch bird crows cawss no er i mean . it .. al.

now, out of the smoke, my hopes and fears. the card comes flying out, two-dimensional swift, turns, and develops into a being. my name once Light, a reflection of others, chooses herself. Neon. No Nur. Maybe never always. Was Echo, ecko, icho, whatever, and Lavender and Juniper too. Now wanting to dig deep into the past and the future that was and will be, remembering the vision, Of Flying. Of being suspended in space,

I think . Every time I pick a new name, I name myself, then feel super embarrassed about it. And name myself again. This time. i will name myself in my head. i declare it doesn't matter if it' the exact right name. it's just a character actor actor anyway. so whoever i was shining white and blue and lovely, will eb called, Neon today. Neon Greene ;D Um yeah.

Neon Greene would also be a really good performance persona. Two big wolf dogs on each wrist and magic powers. I grant wishes. I filter your deepest desires into tangible objects and situations. I really want to watch a movie watch the sunset in the arms of blue white light.

more more more blather..

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