sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Thursday, July 24, 2014

what is fear

fear is like holding a sword fashioned by uber-magical dragons to specifically cut through the masque or veil of all the fears you've ever had, but the idea of ending those fears is all too much to bear.

fear is the fractalization of fear

fear is the opponent to love, but it is also the bridge to love
love is like super highway that one can instaneously transport themselves on to overcome the bridge of fear

ultimately you will have to overcome your fears, avoiding them will only put them off into the eternal and never here-right-now tomorrow

avoidance is the illusion that you have some problem with yourself to overcome fear
fear is an illusion, avoidance is a tactic to distance yourself from feeling how illusionary fear is

with this sword you can cut through fear, or cut yourself and wrap yourself in additional layers of fear

with this sword of love, it sings a song of bravery, or confidence, you can hear it and believe in it, but until you use it, you are only a casual believer that is afraid for it to be true: that love overcome all fear

on the road to love is fear, and that is where I currently live,
Princess Fear-Love

- if i refuse to do and act instead of being afraid, what can i do to take a smaller, granted more aggravating step, towards overcoming the fear of overcoming fear?

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