sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Monday, July 18, 2011

trying to write down a song that gets stuck in my head, good

as we throw to the water
our soul takes covers
in the flight of the flame
what is lost is regained

forward motion is wanderin
and fortune is floundering
what we thought we had made
what was olde in its grave

and for seasons we wandered and found all our mathers
put bed into clay
blood is man blood is safe

and when all we are older and thoughts have grown bolder
what we thought now has changed
what was old is now safe

la da da da di da da la da da di did da d a la da la da da la , la la da la la la.

in other nur news: it feel like old nur is coming back. old nur is hyper as shit 24/7 yo. also these aspies (their term) that i met at the buddhist center downtown told me they think i have aspergers over breakfast this morning. i felt a weird cosmic resonance w/ them... don't know what to think! hmm... catching up on true blood and awaiting my sculpture to get POURED w/ BRONZE! contemplating how i will throw my performance piece together in 10 days.. mhmm. also CANT STOP SMILING. I SKIPPED ALL THE WAY HOME TODAY feels like flying... anyhow... i feel guilty for not helping people alot, until i realize i help people so much i am never alone, and am constantly trying to provide food and shelter for people that need/want/deserve it. i always want to live in a hosue that is willing to receive the homeless and travelling. however i realized i am not okay with greediness, or neediness. Hopefully I learn more about this, and I just wish it will transform into an easier situation where I dont have to wonder whether people are taking advantage of me. SMILES ON SKULLS! love nur

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