sorry bunny

sorry bunny

Friday, July 22, 2011

I can't go to school unless my writer's libido is satiated. Right now I am "trying" to go to school. So what do I do? I try to describe things. Muscle: In my left arm, the part where the bone reaches the socket, arm to shoulder to shoulder to arm area, I have all these tense muscles from holding my arm in a certain way. what is rigidity? rigidity on a holistic scale?
Okay. i have found some already interesting things. First of all. I can seriously walk on people's backs really easily, maybe I could get better at it? And do massage for people. I have been seriously thinking of doing massage as an introductory way of getting to heal people, and have a back up for money. Of course I would only charge By Donation Only, which means the poor and sick can see me for free.. But back up a second.... can I get a school for this?
hmmmm who am i writing this for? can't I just think this in my head? I don't have like a writing style... I'm just trying to convey myself whichever way it comes out.

poetry comes from chaos. and ive been "fairly" stable lately. what to do...

yesterday was pretty interesting.
sam broke up with petey. petey went to Farrel Farms w/out sam. petey left his brand new travel mug and I found it. and it is mine. Also sam telepathically talked to the neighbor's cat, and found his true name to be, Johanan. we fed the cat, who most thought abandoned, but he was just the "mangey outdoor cat", but to us he was JOHanan! And we tried to give him love.
I started trading the buddhist center cleaning for classes. They are SO nice to me. i feel pretty at home. Altho I could talk for hours about my love for jesus christ, and my passion for god communion, it is nice, not to be questioned as to what my particular beliefs are. To know, I am amongst many of different beliefs.
this is the last week of school and all my hard work will come to an end....
And summer fun Will Begin!


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